This is an explicit comedy podcast that comes in several flavors.

Presently, it's "Pornomedy "
- where Monica Hamburg explores an assortment of odd user-named porn-titles, confounding tags, weird comments - and more!

Previously it's been:

- Bizarre Craigslist ads on "Craigslost".

- "Confined" she and a guest discussed strange and hilarious things she found on the net on "Confined"! Like especially bad porn tags & titles (#Pornomedy), peculiar products, strange spells, terrible t-shirts and more.

And there've been other itinerations!

Monica's podcasts have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, Splitsider, won "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast" and were selected for "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes a few times.

( "Episode List" here)

January 26, 2021

147 Live - Monica Hamburg Presents: Confined #19 - with Elspeth Wright

Elspeth Wright and I had a blast looking things like Pornomedy - in front of her mum!

In addition to showcasing penis jewelry and vagina soap (sorry, Elspeth's Mom), t
here was also:

- Perplexing Products


- Confounding Conjurings  

Should you wish to see the visuals we're describing, the Youtube version is here

(all at: Youtube.com/c/MonicaHamburg )  


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