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- "Confined" she and a guest discussed strange and hilarious things she found on the net on "Confined"! Like especially bad porn tags & titles (#Pornomedy), peculiar products, strange spells, terrible t-shirts and more.

- Bizarre Craigslist ads on "Craigslost".

And there've been other itinerations. She's nothing if not consistent.

Monica's podcasts have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, Splitsider, won "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast" and were selected for "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes a few times.

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May 30, 2015

120 - Loonie Roomie and the Cryin' Sea Quest

Optimum insanity this time: A guy tries to mask one socially unacceptable sexual fantasy by pretending it's another... socially unacceptable sexual fantasy - plus: a super stressful roommate option and a woman seeking musical accompaniment to her deep lyrics.   

And: My transit experience!
I will keep the contest up for eternity, as it brings me such joy: Draw a worse logo of than the one this Fiverr guy drew of me. ( http://instagram.com/p/ypJ9POoM3L/  )


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    May 19, 2015

    Gourmet Bedrooms for the Open Mature in Your Life

    I received the following request on Twitter.

    And I am nothing if not kind and helpful.

    So I gave it a quick once-over. Originally, I thought there was some kind of "Mr. Subliminal" thing going on but, upon a second glance, it all made perfect sense:
    "landscaping large garden signature w/garbage"
     Firstly, it's autographed by the garden, which is a nice. personal touch.

    Then the garbage factor is also very positive. In a lot of these homes you have to bring in C.H.U.D.s
    "sq. ft. walk in on hookups"
    You can let the square/conservative fraternity guys you find on Tinder walk right in, rather using the same sewer the C.H.U.D.s come in through.
    "with french BR 2 amenities fully Formal stools"
    The casual stools might make the conservative hookups uncomfortable, hence the formal ones.
    "an maple flooring downstairs practice size"
     Basically to see if you like the size. Then you can extend the room.
    "built in center breakfast schools"
     You will learn to make a proper brunch!
    "the home unbelievable subdivision living You energy right at open mature installed"
    If you put positive vibes out, a horny MILF might move in.
    "storage patio gourmet bountiful bedrooms Contemporary close landscaped mattresses"
    Mattresses are hotbeds of public hair. The aforementioned celebrity garden will also find someone to "landscape" your mattress.
    "cabinets screened Linens"
     Do you want to put linens on your bed that have not properly been screened? I think not!

    Happy to be of assistance, PODestrian Crossing!


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    Latest episode (next one's coming up soon!): A Craigslist poster tries to sell us on perverted therapy and another has a longing prelude to sex (maybe). Plus: voice-over ads and a crime news article. Episode 119.

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