This is an explicit comedy podcast that comes in several flavors.

Presently, it's "Pornomedy"
where Monica Hamburg explores an assortment of odd user-named porn-titles, confounding tags, weird comments - and more!

Previously it's been:

- "Confined" she and a guest discussed strange and hilarious things she found on the net on "Confined"! Like especially bad porn tags & titles (#Pornomedy), peculiar products, strange spells, terrible t-shirts and more.

- Bizarre Craigslist ads on "Craigslost".

And there've been other itinerations. She's nothing if not consistent.

Monica's podcasts have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, Splitsider, won "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast" and were selected for "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes a few times.

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November 25, 2022

159 - Pornomedy #5 - Life's First - with Aliya Brown

How do you have sex with the rich and famous? We reveal those secrets! And much more. Comedian Aliya Brown joins me (Monica Hamburg) on this porn journey.

Based on my live show of the same name, "
Pornomedy" explores the weird world of free porn sites: Absurd porn comments (as though any aren't!), terrible titles, baffling tags and everything you never knew you wanted.

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-----Show Notes-----

--Host: Monica Hamburg--

Site: MonicaHamburg.com

Instagram: @Monica.Hamburg  / TikTok: @MonicaHamburg / Twitter: @MonicaHamburg / FB: @MonicaHamburg / Youtube: c/MonicaHamburg / To get updates and hear about live shows: tinyletter.com/monicahamburg​ / or go to Facebook.com/MonicaHamburgPresentsMore / Paypal: http://paypal.me/monicahamburg )

--Guest: Aliya Brown--

Twitter: @aliyaangela522
Instagram: @AliyaAngela522

More info at: gigsalad.com/aliya_brown_bethlehem 

Her live show is “Swipe Right: The Online Dating Game Show”


Show photo below by Kathy Slamen