This is an explicit podcast that comes in several flavors. Presently, Monica Hamburg brings you bizarre Craigslist ads on "Craigslost".

Previously, on "Confined" she and a guest discussed strange and hilarious things she found on the net! Like especially bad porn tags & titles (#Pornomedy), peculiar products, strange spells, terrible t-shirts and more.

And there've been other itinerations.

Monica's podcasts have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, Splitsider, won "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast" and were selected for "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes a few times.

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Episode List

Monica Hamburg Presents - "Confined"

Live shows begun during quarantine:

"Craigslost" - from Dazed and Convicted 

"Craigslost": consists of fast (generally around 20 minute) dark (and explicit) episodes where Monica Hamburg reads baffling Craigslist ads. Each find will disturb or confound you in some way. You're welcome.

"Dazed and Convicted" - News/Crime with Bill Allman (#72 - #115)

This previous version (#72-#115) of the podcast had Monica Hamburg and Bill Allman discuss two news stories that feature complete FTs (criminals who have done something terrible and generally violent). Yet absurd in a sick way. And they created sketches inspired by the crimes. And then a comedian decided on the "moron" of the week. Because that’s what compassionate people do.

(Looking for a specific guest, please do the Ctrl + F (or Apple + F) to search.) 
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"D&C Mini Episodes" - News/CrimeThe old "mini" episodes were short shows, similar to the full version, but done entirely with a guest as the co-host and containing few (if any) sketches.  

About "Craigslost (from Dazed and Convicted)"


Way back...
Please note: "The S&M Rants" brand has been retired.
These are the episodes done under that umbrella with Shane Birley: