This is an explicit comedy podcast that comes in several flavors.

Presently, it's "Pornomedy "
- where Monica Hamburg explores an assortment of odd user-named porn-titles, confounding tags, weird comments - and more!

Previously it's been:

- Bizarre Craigslist ads on "Craigslost".

- "Confined" she and a guest discussed strange and hilarious things she found on the net on "Confined"! Like especially bad porn tags & titles (#Pornomedy), peculiar products, strange spells, terrible t-shirts and more.

And there've been other itinerations!

Monica's podcasts have been mentioned on The Huffington Post, Splitsider, won "Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast" and were selected for "New & Noteworthy" on iTunes a few times.

( "Episode List" here)

Live Shows

Live Shows (including Stand-up performances)


In the Past:  Keep posted at at @MonicaHamburgPresentsMore Tinyletter.com/MonicaHamburg "Pornomedy" various places: See Pornomedy.net

"Craigslost" Tuesday Feb 25 at 8pm at The Freestanding Room (4324 St Laurent - 3rd Floor Montreal) ๐ŸŽซ Only $5 See all of Monica's shows! (That exclamation mark really sells it.)

Dates: MonicaHamburg.com

& At Monica Hamburg Presents on Facebook

(Previous shows were in Toronto)

"Craigslost" - with Monica Hamburg (Live version of the "Craigslost (from Dazed and Convicted)" Podcast)

Fall Show:
 Thursday, November 23rd, 2017 at 8PM!  

Craigslist Craziness! Seen Craigslist ads that baffle? The ones that make you go WTF, LMAO or AIOTRP (Am I on the Right Planet)?

That's "Craigslost"!

Monica and her panel of hilarious guests riff on these unintentionally bizarre, manipulative, or downright sleazy posts. With titles like, "Nude Tutor Wanted", "Psychic Breast Reading" and "Going to Prison - let's have sex before!".  

Panel: Comedians Matt KlopotSuzan Mazur, Dan Donnelly and Rodger Beck.

Cost: Just purchase some food/drinks to support the venue. (Very reasonably priced - meals are $5-$9, and drinks are cheap too.)

: The Groove Bar & Grill, Toronto, 1952 Danforth Ave (Near Woodbine


Listen to the podcast: DazedandConvicted.com
Info about the live show here at: Craigslost.tv

Subscribe to:

 --- Contact Monica: Monica@DazedandConvicted.com

More fun to come on this page - including more strange Craigslist Ads.

Like, this:

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A photo posted by Monica Hamburg (@monica.hamburg) on

A photo posted by Monica Hamburg (@monica.hamburg) on

A photo posted by Monica Hamburg (@monica.hamburg) on

A photo posted by Monica Hamburg (@monica.hamburg) on

A photo posted by Monica Hamburg (@monica.hamburg) on

More on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monica.hamburg/


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