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April 11, 2013

Wondering If I Could Meet Some Mexicans to Check Out Their Sombreros

Let's check out Craigslist for some joy!

Caveat: "No cops".

Which is really smart, because any cops encountering the ad would then just go, "Oh, it's not meant for me. Awkward. Moving on."

It's a form of Kryptonite - much like when people write, "no weirdos" on their Craigslist ad, they then receive only sane responses.

"Hey, I'm a black female! And I've been dying to have sex with a 66 year old man! I'm happy to do this scientific experiment with him and prove that all black gals fuck alike! This is going to be a blast - just as long as he doesn't veer from calling me a 'woman'."

The last part is "Get back." Which seems like a fair warning.


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