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May 1, 2013

Delicate and Caring Sexual Encounter

I do enjoy making fun of user-named porn clips. Almost as much as actually watching porn...

These are names that regular people who upload professional porn videos to another site have given the content. And, as you can see, they really know how to sell it!

I prefer MILF... but I do love me them yellow cars!

And here's where I prefer teen lesbians - but it's been a while since I was able to masturbate to a real striped wall!

When I get that feeling... I want Sexual Fingering...

Actually, I'm not sure what feeling that would be, since the term "Sexual Fingering" is making me retch.

Oh, how kind, they're spreading the nausea to men too!

It's what every dude wants to WATCH: a handjob.  And it's fucking romantic... Can you say SCORCHING?!

I'm excited about this Creampie Slut but I do need to be sure she's got her certification.

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