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February 11, 2012

Episode 40 - My FT Valentine. Deranged, Psycho Valentine

Update: Originally the feed picked up only the *ringtone* for this episode - it should have the full episode (33 minutes+) there now.
--Show Description:--
How shall you win your love back?  What plan will get her back in your arms forever? You can't say you've tried everything unless you've burned down her brother's property or staged beng kidnapped by a gang!
Tip: in the world of FTs you are awarded bonus points for originality and drama!
We're excited to have Adam Hiniker and Vance Barber from the Ear Candy podcast as our Guest Judges for this episode, to analyse these specimens and determine our "FT of the Week".
Plus: A man fails his exam because of a cat. (Who hasn't been there...)
And we have your new ringtone...

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