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September 14, 2012

70 - Cape FT

Revenge,  It's the plot of so many films... Take Cape Fear, for example.  A man spends 14 years in prison and he blames his lawyer - so he takes his fury out on the man's family.
Well, this week's real-life FTs are like that but also...well, not.
Here: a gal calls in a bomb threat when her boyfriend breaks up with her - and another balanced lady post a sexual profile of the gal who gave her restaurant a bad review.
Thankfully, we have the guys from the "Sweet Feathery Jesus" Podcast (Booze, Belasco and Dr. P.) as our Guest Judges to provide insight on the madness help us understand - and decide on the "FT of the Week".
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  • And, last week, strange and active days for a guy, his gal... and a car... "Episode 69: Birthday Break vs. Crime Car" with Aalgar and Matt of "Sarcastic Voyage". 

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