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October 12, 2012

74 - The Gimp, The Goons, His Limb and His Ex-Lover

Did you wake up recently and think, "Man... My life is so darn BORING?!"

Not these people... Their days are chock-full-of-nuts... We can't even begin to imagine what a crazy time would constitute for these FTs...

This week the competitors are a woman who is accused of DUI - while already on probation for...  well, let's not even get into the for... And a family that'll make yours look sane in comparison.

Guest Judging this week is Josh Mattingly from "Two White Guys Podcast" and it's joyous to have him decide who truly merits the title of the "FT of the Week".

Plus: An erotic story about... a night... and a bunch of countries...(?)

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