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January 13, 2012

Episode 35 - Tase for Condiments or Shoot-it-up over a Burrito Price Increase?

You don't get enough condiments with your burger order.  Or they raised the prices on your favorite fast-food meal.  Sure, you could just discuss your issue or accept the increase - but what would be the fun in that? Why not add some prison time to your frustration by going all "Falling Down" on them?   
We're stumped by the FTedness of these foodies.  Thankfully, Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels of "The Complete Guide to Everything  are here to give us their sage judgement and determine our "FT of the Week". 
And we meet a very considerate family member

  • The Complete Guide for Everything is at tcgte.com and on Facebook  and Twitter (@complete guide).
  • Find: Tom Reynolds on (@tomreynolds) and Tim Daniels (@yourpaltim).  
  • Please vote for your choice for "FT of the Week" (Use the poll, comment, twitter us, Facebook us, email us etc.  Info and links below.) 
  • More fast food irrationality can be found on Episode 26 "No Meat Equals Murder" where we talk about a man who's lack of meat... made him crazy! 

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