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November 10, 2012

78 - Masochistic Self-Defence Guru vs. Furious Panty-Stealer

***Please note: We're now at DazedandConvicted.com (Oh, and the show is now called "Dazed and Convicted")***

How can you enact your fetish? If you're like this week's dudes you might choose to organize a fake self-defense class in order to enjoy some soothing kicks to the privates - or you could break into your secret crush's house, terrorize her sibling and make death threats, all while aiming to stealing half-a-dozen pairs of undergarments.

Some guys are just so easy to please!

We're fortunate to have Suzy Rawsome to evaluate and judge these weirdos - and determine who is the "FT of the Week".

Plus: A Motivational Teacher.
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"The S&M Rants" is now called "Dazed and Convicted" and is at DazedandConvicted.com
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